Approval and Change Workflows

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Approval and change workflows

Life sciences organizations must have highly efficient labeling processes in order to be able to meet the demands of customers and stringent industry regulations...

Keeping control of label content is not a simple task, however as a medical device or pharmaceutical company, you know that managing data is critical to your existence. Having a clear vision of your data and workflow processes across all your facilities and locations, ensures products are safely labeled and compliant.

To support you, PRISYM 360 incorporates a range of approval and change workflows tools to control how content is created, changed and approved by users. It offers a single view of the design, content (including change/approval requests, red marketing, impact analysis and version comparison) and output required to meet today’s regulations and multi-location/multi-user demands.

  • Change requests can be raised simply.
  • Approval requests define the workflow.
  • Red marking functionality.