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2021: A Year in Tweets


Welcome to our #YearInTweets. After the uncertainty of the previous 12 months, 2021 hoped to be the year normality returned. Despite a successful global vaccine roll out, this year has been another of highs and lows. Here, Sarah Hrycyk provides a guided tour of the last 12 months via our favorite social media posts.  

1. 2021 started with positive news, as PRISYM ID outlined 5 new business wins. Chief Executive Officer Richard Adam reflected on the changes the last year had brought to the life science and medical device industry and his ambitions for 2021. Tweet here

2. As we grew closer to the delayed introduction of the EU MDR, we showcased our expertise in helping MedTech, pharma and clinic research companies negotiate regulatory the change. We provided resources to help best prepare for the incoming changes in 2021. Tweet here.

3. This year we announced successfully completing the onboarding of RxSource's new cloud-based labeling solution in just five weeks, allowing them to bring clinical labeling in-house, allowing the design and printing of labels within 48 hours – what a fantastic achievement! Tweet here and here.

4. In the spring, we welcomed a new working collaboration with Life Sciences Ontario. It was an opportunity to participate in events and consultations, helping to grow Ontario’s life science sector as well as strengthen our industry-leading credentials and underline our future growth ambitions. Tweet here. 

5. We’ve sought to provide resources to help successfully implement a validated label management solution, including a webinar on True Validation ‘Ready’ Labeling – What It Really Means. Tweet here. 

6. Similarly, for in-depth analysis of critical changes to supply chain management, we produced a White Paper that explained the impact Covid-19 had on the clinical trials industry from a clinical labeling management perspective. Here we posed the question: Has the pandemic revolutionized the clinical trials supply chain? Tweet here.

7. While we’re proud of our products and knowledge base, our webinars provide an opportunity to discuss bigger questions. Joining Siemens in a roundtable session, PRISYM ID discussed how standards-based interfaces in the global application landscape can make your labeling more efficient and agile. Tweet here.

8. In September’s webinar we kicked off a new topic – ‘Why a Global Labeling System (GLS) is becoming critical for medical device manufacturers’. During this webinar Richard Adams and Simon Jones discussed why continuing with international medical device manufacturing without the support of a true GLS will create continual challenges, and why now is the time to take a different approach. Tweet here.

9. Finally, we wouldn’t be able to be successful without our team members. 2021 was a big year of recruitment for our Marketing, Development and Sales departments. We also made three new customer-facing appointments and created a brand-new Customer Experience Team to provide enhanced, end-to-end customer support for medical device and clinical trial organizations! Tweet here and here.

Finally, as New Year approaches, we wanted to say a massive thanks to our clients, partners and staff for all their efforts throughout 2021. It has been a year of challenges and changes but, as Richard Adams says in his Christmas blog, we can take many lessons from it and look forward to 2022.  

On behalf of the Communications and Marketing team too, we’d like to say a huge thank you for all your support over the last twelve months. We look forward to delivering you more labeling resources in 2022! 

Happy New Year! 

1 - 2021: A Year in Tweets


3 - 2021: A Year in Tweets


6 - 2021: A Year in Tweets


8 - 2021: A Year in Tweets

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This article was published on December 16th, 2021