What to do if you get an FDA Recall

Data shows that more than half of all FDA recalls of medical devices have been caused by packaging and/or labeling errors. What is the best way to survive an FDA recall? Make sure you are compliant not only by fixing the recall issue, but preparing for the future.

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Survey reveals that only 17% of the respondents are aware of the changes that come with the EU MDR

Here at PRISYM ID, we have recently conducted a survey of international medical device manufacturers, to ascertain their understanding of EU MDR, and the implications of the new regulation on label lifecycle management. Read More

Color Label Printing At Your Fingertips

The idea of color printing labels on demand has been thrown around the medical device and pharmaceutical market for many years but in reality, most organizations rely on the traditional two-stage color label printing process they know – batch print and over print. But here lays the problem, huge amounts of label stock on the shelf can be costly and quite often wasted. Read More