VDC Research: Loftware Expands Solutions Portfolio With Life Sciences-Focused Acquisition

The need for unique product identification and error-free labeling is greater than ever before, as evidenced by measures taken by leading global regulatory systems, FDA and EMA/EU-MDR. Read More


Despite Just-In-Time (JIT) production often being the preferred approach in clinical trial supply, it has taken a global pandemic for many organizations to make it a reality. Read More

Webinar Review – Considerations for Global Labeling System

Find out why continuing with international medical device manufacturing without the support of a true Global Labeling System, will create continual challenges, and why now is the time to take a different approach. Read More

Bringing It All Home: How Label Management Solutions Can Help CDMOS Grow Their In-House Capabilities

What the challenges are of in-sourcing label management processes for CDMOs, and how they can be overcome by investing in a cloud-based, validation-ready labeling solution. Read More

Efficiently Managing High Volumes of Increased Data for Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers face the challenge of efficiently managing increasingly high volumes of data relevant to product labeling in a vast array of different forms. Read More

Why Medical Device Manufacturers Must Look at the Bigger Picture When Implementing a GLS

What are the benefits of a GLS and why are MedTech companies considering it now?

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Clinical Trials: Managing Labeling Approvals with Multi-Language and Multi-Region Regulations

Now more than ever, the clinical trials’ landscape touches more regions than ever before. As a result, new studies are grappling with the challenge of managing variable local language labeling requirements.  Read More