Color Label Printing - Color Label Printing At Your Fingertips

Color Label Printing At Your Fingertips

The idea of color printing labels on demand has been thrown around the medical device and pharmaceutical market for many years but in reality, most organizations rely on the traditional two-stage color label printing process they know – batch print and over print. But here lays the problem, huge amounts of label stock on the shelf can be costly and quite often wasted.

Color printing labels in-house has a lot to offer the medical market and has turned out to be a more viable option in recent years. Where issues laid in the quality of print, ink costs and limited label media, these setbacks have become a thing of the past. The technology has developed significantly to be able to print high quality labels on demand in full color and in a variety of sizes, gaining production flexibility and scalability at a local level.

Whether you are in manufacturing, distribution or part of the supply chain, color can be required for branding, graphics, warnings and color coding to clearly differentiate product. By utilizing desktop color inkjet label printing with validated labeling software, the cost of labeling can become much less and more tailored due to ‘Just in Time’ printing and unique/small batch requests.

But here’s the trick... the real consideration when implementing color printing is about the relationship between hardware and software. It is important to understand what printer drivers are available – whether Microsoft Windows or bespoke built by the labeling software provider - and how they affect the actual print.

At PRISYM ID, our native drivers for our PRISYM 360 software are written to speed up the print process by communicating with the printers directly. This enables control and management of advanced printer settings like temperature and speed. They can be optimized to use overlay and temporary storage in the printer to reduce the quantity of data sent for each print request. It also allows the printer to generate data at print time (e.g. real time dates, sequence numbers and barcodes) and the time to print the first label is typically faster, as well as the time between prints.

This flexible and efficient new world of color label printing may just be the answer to saving you time, materials and money.


Vince Postill - Color Label Printing At Your Fingertips

About the author:

Vince Postill heads up the Global Product & Business Development at PRISYM ID.Vince has worked within the Life Sciences Sector for over 12 years. Over the past 5 years he has worked extensively within the packaging, labeling and printing area of Clinical Trials. In this area Vince has been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading Clinical Trials Companies and developing products and solutions to improve their process and technology used in the supply chain.

Vince is also focussed on both developing the PRISYM ID software solutions to meet current and future requirements in Clinical Trials and Medical Devices  and to  building strategic relationships with key partners.