Blog Placeholder - 'Labeling Trends' Blog Series #2 Playing a Tactical Game – Efficiencies through Labeling Postponement

‘Labeling Trends’ Blog Series #2 Playing a Tactical Game – Efficiencies through Labeling Postponement

Labeling as part of the supply chain is a costly business for medical device companies. With the bottom-line being a priority for any organization, seeking areas to deliver better efficiencies is key. Yet finding those hidden gems isn’t always easy, even when it’s under our noses.Labeling postponement may be one such gem.

In a recent survey, the key drivers cited by manufacturers for changes in labeling processes were; to reduce waste (32%), to control costs (25%) and to improve supply chain efficiency (43%). By adapting existing label production methodologies and printing on demand, organizations could meet all these challenges all at once.

How? you may ask. With many expanding organizations either distributing products or opening production sites in multiple countries, it adds new complexities to the supply chain process such as local language labels and regional regulations and requirements. And so sitting on pre-printed labels can be dangerous game. Not only may excess labels end up as expensive waste, but worse still could potentially find their way into the counterfeit market.

The ability to customize labels at the point of print with approved regional requirements and built in inspection as part of a validated system, means the right label goes on the right product, limiting wastage and accelerating speed-to-market. An end-to-end label lifecycle management system with automated checkpoints ensures errors are avoided, giving companies greater visibility and control over their labels to postpone printing until the moment of need.

Labeling postponement may just be the next trick up the production floor’s sleeve.

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