Market Specific Label Content

Market Specific Label Content

Who owns the Regulatory Content?
How are Translations managed?

Are these questions that you ask yourself? Are the answers managed by your labeling system through a ‘regulatory rule engine’ and version comparison tools to ensure all labels are checked for compliance with local regulations?

You can learn how to manage market specific content in a way that does not slow up the route to market and hear more insights from Steve in this 2 minute podcast.

Contact us to discuss more or request a demo recording that covers the following:

  • Highly configurable Regulatory Rules Engine
  • Define content that must, or must not, be included on the label design
  • Rules can be based on product specific attributes for example:
    • CE marked
    • Sterile
  • Rules can be based on regional requirements for example:
    • For EU
    • For US
    • For China

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About the author

Steve Ellison, VP European Sales, PRISYM ID

Steve has spent over 24 years working with coding and labelling solutions and for the last four years he has been running the European Sales Consultancy team, promoting and implementing PRISYM ID’s world class labelling software solutions.
During his time with PRISYM ID, he has observed many changes within the industry including significant tightening of regulations, the challenges of globalization, implementation of directives such as UDI and EU MDR.