Onboard clinical labeling software at speed

Onboard clinical labeling software at speed – four key ways of accelerating the process

With time of the essence, Chris Lentz, VP Cloud Operations, at PRISYM ID, explains how to get a labeling system up and running faster than ever.

Bringing clinical label design and printing in-house can help companies streamline their operations and save money, but the time required to get new systems up and running has long been a barrier to change.

Even a standard turn-key solution can take many months to install and, as the pandemic puts increased pressure on the healthcare industry, rapid onboarding has never been more important.

Consequently, PRISYM ID has been developing its systems with speed of implementation front of mind and can now enable customers to achieve production using the cloud-based version of its PRISYM 360 clinical labeling platform in a matter of weeks.

So, what are the key things to consider if you want to speed up the onboarding process?

First, you can deliver significant efficiencies by running label design, data preparation activities and training in parallel, with any refinements made, while online training is underway. Our comprehensive consultancy and technical support offer means we can work with you on overlapping processes to help you save many vital days of production time.

Second, choose a system like the cloud-based, ready to use version of the PRISYM 360 platform with its pre-validated content, which further minimizes the set-up time and enables you to quickly move on to updating data, designing labels and preparing first production prints after handover with full regulatory compliance.

Third, opt for off-the-shelf printing processes, which can be quickly configured, and personalized in a matter of days, rather than weeks – again, we can advise on ways of speeding this up without compromising on quality.

Fourth, and finally, invest in a high-quality user interface so that it is easier to understand how to use the software effectively, reducing the amount of time it takes for staff to get fully up to speed – this brochure provides a full overview of our product’s benefits.

By doing all of these things together, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get a new system up and running for your organization. This detailed case study shows how we implemented a new labeling system for RxSource in just five weeks.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help you deliver at speed.

Chris Lentz - Onboard clinical labeling software at speed – four key ways of accelerating the process

Chris Lentz, VP SaaS Product Management, PRISYM ID

Chris Lentz has been working at PRISYM ID for over 5 years, focusing on product management of PRISYM’s SaaS and Vision Inspection solutions.

With over 25 years’ experience in deploying and supporting enterprise software solutions across many sectors, Chris has spent the last several years bringing to market SaaS offerings that enable organizations to access high quality services based on leading software technologies.

This article was published on February 1st, 2021