Color Label Printing At Your Fingertips

The idea of color printing labels on demand has been thrown around the medical device and pharmaceutical market for many years but in reality, most organizations rely on the traditional two-stage color label printing process they know – batch print and over print. But here lays the problem, huge amounts of label stock on the shelf can be costly and quite often wasted. Read More

Clinical Trials: When the Label became more Significant than the Drug Itself…

The importance of labeling in clinical trials gets very little exposure. However, as the global war for patients intensifies in an increasingly competitive trial market, and with subject attrition rates commonly shown to be between 15-20%, pharmaceutical companies are slowly discovering that the packaging of their products can be a key determinant of patient retention. Read More

Survey results show how label inspection is undertaken within the industry

At PRISYM ID we’re keen to understand how medical device, pharmaceutical and clinical trial companies check the labels they print for quality. Read More