How PRISYM ID can help with your Artwork Management

Data Sheet:
How PRISYM ID Can Help With Your Artwork Management

Many Life Sciences organizations are seeking to implement artwork management applications to streamline production and improve quality.

However, most enterprise-grade artwork management packages do not provide control over artwork content - product descriptions, dosage and expiration information, caution statements, translations, die lines, symbols and logos for example.

Without robust content controls in place, errors can be easily introduced during artwork creation, increasing review cycles and incurring cost. When these errors go unnoticed, the risk of non-compliance increases significantly.

PRISYM 360 is different - it enables Designers to easily search and select approved content from within a dedicated Adobe InDesign panel. The required content can be simply ‘drag & dropped’ onto the Page or Paste Board, avoiding the risks associated with manually typing in content.

Artwork Management Datasheet - How PRISYM ID can help with your Artwork Management