PRISYM ID Partner Program

Data Sheet:
PRISYM ID Partner Program

Comprising a full suite of label and barcode printing applications based on the Oracle Database, PRISYM 360 offers integration to your current manufacturing and ERP systems. PRISYM 360 ensures that your business can meet the labeling requirements for serialized and other Life Sciences products now and in the future.

Deployed enterprise-wide for compliant label production by some of the World’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical producers, PRISYM 360 provides the dynamic environment necessary to absorb manufacturing processes for products added through new development or merger and acquisition.

Benefits of integrating PRISYM 360 with Oracle software include:

  • Centralized label lifecycle management in a single, compliance-ready platform
  • Manage label data from Oracle manufacturing and production application components
  • Single point production of labels from within Oracle Life Sciences Solutions
  • Support for changing regulatory requirements and organizational profiles

PRISYM ID Partners Datasheet

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