PRISYM ID sponsoring and exhibiting at the Medical Device UDIs & Traceability Forum 2015

PRISYM ID sponsoring and exhibiting at the Medical Device UDIs & Traceability Forum 2015

From 26th- 28th May, PRISYM ID, the leading provider of complete labeling and identification solutions for the medical device and life sciences market, is sponsoring as well as exhibiting at the UDIs and Traceability for Medical Devices 2015 at the Hotel Excelsior in Munich, Germany. The event is exclusive in being dedicated to medical device UDIs and their implementation across Europe.

We will be exhibiting the UDI-ready PRISYM 360° solution at the event. PRISYM 360° brings together all of our industry knowledge and expertise to help our clients meet even the strictest of compliance requirements including FDA & EU regulations.

With the dates for UDI requirements compliance already having a significant impact on the industry – any organizations having requested an extension for class III devices last year have only a matter of months to adhere to the first of the new regulations - the forum provides the chance for delegates to discuss some of the challenges they face, as well as learn more about how technology can play a crucial role in achieving the necessary compliance.

Furthermore, being one of the key European meeting places for leading medical device organizations, the event comes at a critical time for those organizations, who have yet to put measures in place to ensure their compliance, to take action.

PRISYM 360° has been developed in direct response to the growing number of significant exposures and challenges that companies in life science industries are facing. The solution helps companies consolidate, control and capture all instances of production label prints across manufacturing lines, distribution centers and third party manufacturers. This enables companies to manage electronic reconciliation across all printing operations within the system to satisfy regulatory auditors and management accountability ensuring a ‘single version of the truth’ to meet current and evolving regulatory requirements including UDI.

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