How can we help with GS1 Standards

How can we help with GS1 Standards

The complexities of meeting a GS1 standard require you to have a labeling solution that can meet the practicalities.

Legacy labeling software may not support both the GS1 datamatrix barcode and the new AI (7420).
A business will need this AI to maintain the standards outlined by GS1 for Clinical Trials use. Industry leaders such as Pfizer and Sanofi have adopted the GS1 standard, so it is important that the industry works in conjunction with change and follows the example set.

A modern labeling solution is required to handle the practicalities of these industry changes.

It is important to view changes and trends as an opportunity to get ahead, do not be risk-averse nor stagnant.
A 2D Datamatrix barcode is widely used across all industries via the GS1 operational standards, so adoption of this type of barcode will assist in keeping up with Industry change. It is important to not be left behind.

PRISYM ID are ready to consult and enable your adoption of the GS1 standard in Clinical Trials.