News Placeholder - Automated GS1 Barcode Checker Added To PRISYM

Automated GS1 Barcode Checker Added To PRISYM

GS1 UK Alliance Member and leading labeling software specialist, PRISYM ID has added a unique GS1 barcode checker to it’s labeling software. Users can already create GS1 barcodes using the PRISYM labeling software but the new GS1 barcode checker will automatically check how the barcode would actually print out using the printer selected.

If the result will be a non compliant barcode the checker flags up an error so that a non compliant code can’t be inadvertently printed.

Dave Taylor, Products Manager for PRISYM ID comments, “This useful feature is designed to make it easier for our customers to produce GS1 standards barcodes that are right every time. The benefit is a reduction in the number of returned deliveries and traceability issues as a result of non compliant labels. And obviously there are time and cost advantages to minimising such issues.”

PRISYM ID have been in the AutoID industry for over 25 years with specialist labeling and traceability solutions in the life sciences, chemical, food and healthcare markets.