Labelling Matters - Labeling Matters

Labeling Matters

While not front of mind in drug development, the packaging and, in particular, labeling of medicines are the final pieces of the puzzle. Inaccessible products can have serious implications on patient adherence, costing the industry billions.

Patients with chronic conditions typically only adhere to 50-60% of medications as prescribed, despite irrefutable evidence that their treatments will increase life quality and expectancy. Non-compliance has been linked to worse health outcomes, more frequent hospitalisations and increased costs. Indeed, a 2003 WHO report stated that more health benefits worldwide would result from improving adherence to existing therapies than from the development of new ones (1). Any intervention that stimulates better compliance to essential medications – even slightly – may therefore play a meaningful role in enhancing public health.

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*This article is taken from PMPS August 2017, pages 26-27. © Samedan Ltd

This article was published on August 17th, 2017