News Placeholder - PRISYM Enterprise Launch Brings a New Dawn to Web-based Industrial Labeling

PRISYM Enterprise Launch Brings a New Dawn to Web-based Industrial Labeling


Faster rollout, greater collaboration and increased accuracy for Industrial Label Lifecycle Management

Labeling has become an integral component within the production process, ensuring products are correctly identified and branded. The increased complexity surrounding labeling, as well as the need for organizations to expand their footprint on a regional, if not a global scale, has made manual, single site labeling processes unmanageable and expensive for many companies.

PRISYM Enterprise provides a secure environment for label design, data management, approval, automated gathering of variable data and printing. It controls underlying content and records all critical activities, electronically linking them to individual users along with time and date stamping.

The Internet Explorer web-based solution is quick to deploy and can be used ‘outside’ the organization for selected partners, customers or suppliers. A proactive review and approval work engine increases the accuracy of layout, and data used on labels reduces the likelihood of product recalls and rejections due to label or documentation defects. Additionally it gives the capability to apply version control and approval to any other electronic document within your organization irrespective of whether it’s related to labels.

“Manufacturers will see significant benefits by implementing one complete, secure solution to fulfill their labeling processes. These include speed of label production, being able to account for every label printed throughout the organization and ensuring complete history is maintained. By being able to control label design centrally, printing the right label at the right time with the right data and increasing security around production, brand identity will be reinforced, label integrity will be high and costs will be reduced due to less label errors” –
commented Dave Taylor, Product Manager, PRISYM ID