Zebra - PRISYM ID Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

PRISYM ID Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

PRISYM 360 validated at Zebra’s Solutions Center to revolutionize label lifecycle management.

PRISYM ID today announced it has successfully completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its powerful, enterprise labeling solution, PRISYM 360. This designation indicates to customers and partners that the PRISYM ID software was successfully tested - confirming its performance and functionality with select Zebra devices.

Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program enables eligible channel partners to test the interoperability of their software solutions with select Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID readers, payment systems, wireless infrastructure and mobility management software products, meet user application-specific needs, and reduce both the risk and the deployment time for the user.

Zebra Partner - PRISYM ID Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

PRISYM 360 provides a single scalable Label Lifecycle Management (LLM) platform across the enterprise that can mitigate the costly risk of product recalls due to labeling errors. It also supports 3rd party manufacturing, packaging, and labeling operations to assist with operational efficiency objectives. The platform is SAP certified for integration with the SAP enterprise application environment and it meets rapid deployment and validation specific requirements through low risk configuration which accelerates operational efficiencies and ROI.

Working closely with Zebra engineering teams, PRISYM ID has tested for interoperability its PRISYM 360 solution with select products, including the brand new Zebra Xi4 & ZT600 Series Industrial Printers.

Chris Lentz, VP Business Development, PRISYM ID, comments: “PRISYM 360 aims to transform global label lifecycle management in the medical device and other life sciences industries through intelligent use of data, and was developed as a direct response to the growing regulatory and compliance needs of organizations in the sector. To meet these needs, it is important that we support our customers’ end-to-end environment and keep pace with our partners’ latest technologies.

We have been supporting Zebra printers for many years and are very excited to have earned this validation status upon the launch of Zebra’s newest printers, designed to deliver superior print quality and uptime. We aim to continue to develop our cohesive solutions and work with Zebra Technologies into the future.”

This article was published on September 27th, 2017