News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Announces New Validated Pharmaceutical Software With Enhanced Formatting Features For Variable Data

PRISYM ID Announces New Validated Pharmaceutical Software With Enhanced Formatting Features For Variable Data

Mick Daw, CEO, PRISYM ID, comments, “The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict international and regional regulations that manufacturers and distributors must meet in order to supply medical products safely, effectively and securely. Following labeling best practices and lifecycle documentation processes is a big part of the compliance process, and as such requires a significant amount of in-house time and resource.”

He continues, “Use of IT as part of the design, review, and print processes is now common place and in order to meet country specific compliance requirements relating to computer system validation, companies are investing significant additional resources to produce validation documents for these processes.”

PRISYM Pharmaceutical is a fully validated, fully featured, easy-to-use package for designing label templates, creating barcodes and printing labels in-house. With inbuilt security, it allows only authorized users to create, edit or print labels as well as monitor their activity.

The application allows users to manage and verify variable data such as product codes and descriptions, barcode pictures, logos and images, as well as multiple languages in one template, to mitigate the need for creating multiple designs for similar product labels.

It also provides easy connectivity with ERP and MRP systems to help integrate the labeling function with the rest of the business process and additionally allows users to group labels into production batches to send to one or more printers to reduce time taken to print.

PRISYM Pharmaceutical has been designed based on the company’s 30 year experience in the labeling and auto-identification market. Combined with the PRISYM ID’s team’s specialist knowledge in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, the solution is built to address the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical label design and printing process.

Mick Daw concludes, “Today’s life sciences organizations are subject to a vast range of regulatory requirements, which are ultimately in place to ensure patient safety. However, it is critical that compliance is ensured without adversely affecting the business’s productivity. PRISYM ID’s label lifecycle management solutions are designed to help guarantee compliance whilst optimizing the production process to ensure business efficiency.”