News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Announces Release of PRISYM 360 1.3 with New Enhancements for Label Lifecycle Management in the Medical Device Sector

PRISYM ID Announces Release of PRISYM 360 1.3 with New Enhancements for Label Lifecycle Management in the Medical Device Sector

The latest release of data driven labeling solution strengthens companies’ regulatory compliance abilities, increases productivity and drives operational efficiencies.

PRISYM ID has announced an update to its revolutionary solution, PRISYM 360. PRISYM 360 1.3 features enhancements designed to help transform global Label Lifecycle Management in the medical device industry through intelligent use of data.

The latest release follows broad customer engagement between PRISYM ID and medical device manufacturing stakeholders over the last twelve months – and has been further developed as a direct response to increasingly complex challenges and issues that the sector is facing.

The desire to reduce the number of voluntary recalls caused by labeling and packaging defects is as prevalent as ever; as well as the need to allay the inherent damage to productivity, profitability, brand reputation and patient safety that such a recall causes.

“Following the launch of PRISYM 360 last year, we’ve spent some time listening to our customers’ requirements and their feedback around the solution,” says Dave Taylor, VP of Global Product at PRISYM ID. “In an ever changing environment, such as the medical device industry, it’s vital that our product can adapt and develop in line with our customer’s needs.”

“Following research amongst our global client-base, we have made significant enhancements to the existing 360 system,” continues Dave Taylor. “Firstly, we’ve introduced Offset Printing, which will allow users to utilize their existing investment in flexographic printing technologies for the delivery of large format, high volume, printed artwork. This will specifically benefit those customers who use Tyvek® packaging, where other printing methods are not suitable in this instance.”

Taylor continues, “For enterprise customers who are managing labels and data across many geographies, languages, products and sites there is always the challenge of how to assess the impact of a proposed change and then implement the execution of such a change. The addition of Change Impact Analysis instantly highlights how a change made in one place will affect printed labels. On its own we estimate that this change can save our customers millions of dollars in time and effort.”

Other new features include:-

• New multi-page support – create rich, multi-page documents that can include variable content which enables the printing of IFUs on demand, thereby supporting postponement in the supply chain.

• Support for vector graphics – allowing customers to work with third party printers, ensuring label graphics can be represented in original resolution without loss of fidelity.

• Native support for Code 39 and 128 HIBCC barcodes – further extending the supported barcode types that Prisym 360 supports.

• Additional print drivers – provides increased choice of printer options for customers using Intermec devices that require high speed high accuracy printing.

• Free text searching – ability to search through all data to find any piece of text stored anywhere within the system.

• Enterprise data connectivity – enables the system to fetch and import data on demand in real time from a variety of external ERP and MES applications.

Dave Taylor concludes, “PRISYM 360 1.3 supports the continued evolution of Label Lifecycle Management; continuing to deliver significant operational, productivity and efficiency gains to the medical device market. It will empower medical device companies to be increasingly agile and flexible in an ever-evolving marketplace.