wfb - PRISYM ID gives a Christmas gift to people in crisis  

PRISYM ID gives a Christmas gift to people in crisis  


Label software company donates Christmas fund to two charities recognizing the vital work they do for the local community.

Wokingham, United Kingdom - 21 December 2021 – For the second year in a row, content and label management firm PRISYM ID is donating to two charities near its UK and US offices that will be supporting vulnerable people throughout the festive period. 

The Wokingham Food Bank, based in Broad Sheet, will receive a gift to help families this festive season after PRISYM ID pledged to donate money it would otherwise have spent on corporate cards and gifts. The firm is also making a similar donation to the Westborough Food Pantry, a local food bank based near its US office in Westborough, Massachusetts.  

With a mission to help people out of crisis and have fewer people needing foodbanks in the future, the Wokingham Food Bank helps tackle food poverty and hunger in the local community. It is a part of The Trussell Trust’s Foodbank Network, supporting communities to open foodbanks across the UK. 

The Westborough Food Pantry provides food for over 130 Westborough families.  They have a volunteer staff of over 60 men and women who purchase food, pick up and sort donated food, maintain the facility and handle administrative duties. 

PRISYM ID, whose labeling technologies played a role in helping pharmaceutical companies and ventilator manufacturers to lead the fight against Covid-19, said it hoped the cash would help the charities reach out to more people. 

Richard Adams, Chief Executive of PRISYM ID, says: “After another difficult year for many vulnerable people and the charities that support them, we felt it was important we continued to help as best we could by spending our Christmas budget in a more supportive and inclusive way. 

“The Wokingham Food Bank and the Westborough Food Pantry provide wonderful services for our community, and we wanted to make our own contribution to support their brilliant work, which is particularly important over the festive period.”


SGB 115 Foodbank manager Annette Medhurst centre left and volunteers with the foodbank donation 474x235 1 - PRISYM ID gives a Christmas gift to people in crisis  
Wokingham food bank

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The Westborough Food Pantry

Further information on the two charities: 

Wokingham – Wokingham Food Bank  

The Wokingham Food Bank is to part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK. 

Wokingham Foodbank is an entirely volunteer run organization that exists to provide help to those in need in Wokingham. This help includes the supply of food and, where appropriate help with heating and lighting. Families or individuals who need help in this way must register with one of the care agencies in the town, such as Wokingham Citizens Advice, Transform Housing, numerous departments in Wokingham Borough Council and many others. They can then request a voucher that can be exchanged at the Foodbank for a food parcel or help with fuel. 

Boston – The Westborough Food Pantry 

The Westborough Food Pantry opened in 1986 providing approximately 30 people with food. Each family was given 1 bag of groceries per week. Mostly single people or couples received the food. Today, the Food Pantry provides food for over 130 Westborough families. Each family receives up to 3 bags of groceries depending on the size of the family. Typically, we distribute 125-130 bags per week. Estimating that each bag weighs 15-20-lbs averages out to 2,000-lbs of food per week distributed. That’s over 50 TONS of food per year! In addition to that Families also receive fresh meat, eggs and bread every week. The Food Pantry helps to feed an average of 900 people a month. 

For more information:   

Corin Allen, Distil / +44 (0) 7500 905615 

This article was published on December 17th, 2021