Remedy Force

PRISYM ID Launches New Support Call Tracking System

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, SalesForce based support system – RemedyForce (RF).

The new system improves efficiency in incident handling and provides a knowledge base platform to create and share information.

Our now retired email-based incident management system required a lot of manual work to open and manage incidents, and the performance was not always optimal.
This inefficiency triggered search of a solution that would enable us deliver faster service to our customers.

Features include:

  • Knowledge base to create and share knowledge (phase II)
  • Automated case creation and updates (Phase I)
  • Ability to measure customer satisfaction through surveys (Phase I)
    Tools to measure KPIs (Phase I)

Benefits to the client are:

  • Customer portal (Phase II)
  • Automated case creation and update (Phase I)
  • Account level issue tracking (Phase II)
  • Ability to escalate issues directly from the portal (Phase II)

The system can be accessed internally by support analysts, the professional services and development team, and by project managers through the RemedyForce console. Additionally, the system is easily accessible to customers through the customer portal when Phase II is completed.

“As a Support Department, we need to deliver fast service to keep customers happy and their businesses running. Our main goal is the ability to manage customers’ issues more efficiently, ensuring customers receive our support as quickly as possible. The new SalesForce based platform will deliver beyond that and will provide us full visibility across all customer requests as well as major matrix to see our performance, ultimately improving customer experience and satisfaction.” Mei Swank, Manager, Global Support Services, PRISYM ID

For more information about the new system, please contact Mei Swank at

This article was published on April 1st, 2019