News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Makes Labeling Painless During Regulatory Transition for the Chemical Industry

PRISYM ID Makes Labeling Painless During Regulatory Transition for the Chemical Industry


The chemical industry is in transition from country specific standards to European regulation. CLP 2008 is the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) implementation of the Global Harmonized System (GHS) model for classification, labeling and packaging of chemicals, published in January 2009.  All substances must be classified or reclassified under CLP by 1st December 2010 and all mixtures (preparations) by 1st June 2015.   PRISYM Chemica Labeling Software offers chemical manufacturers and distributors a single solution to meet their packaging and labelling requirements. PRISYM Chemica is a simple to use, label design application which allows you to place the required symbols/ pictograms, text, branding and codes onto your labels in compliance with chemical industry regulations. It enables the management of chemical classifications and automates the production of labels and transit cards in multiple languages.

PRISYM Chemica has been designed to automatically update all hazardous substances documentation held in the system with the latest regulatory changes making sure your organisation maintains global compliance.

PRISYM Chemica Labelling Software benefits include:

  • Secure, automated and accurate chemical labeling for globally distributed products
  • European symbol/ Global pictogram library
  • Multi-language risk phrase/ hazard statement and safety phrase/ precautionary statement
  • Automated destination-specific labeling
  • Double byte character support for Asian, Chinese and Arabic languages
  • Printable chemical labels/ ribbons for harsh environments

Stefan Arnhold, Product Manager for Chemica, “PRISYM ID has an enviable history of producing industry specific labelling software that really meets our clients’ needs. When redeveloping PRISYM Chemica, we wanted to make sure that this product could meet all regulations set out by CLP now and in the future. After extensive research and development into the correct symbols/ pictograms, language requirements and grouping, signal words, supplemental information and composition, we believe that we have produced a best-of-breed solution to fulfil all chemical and hazardous substance labeling requirements.”

In addition, PRISYM ID has an experienced team to support you with your chemical labeling training requirements and specialist labelling supplies.