News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Present Chemical Sector with Cab XC Series for Two Tone Printing

PRISYM ID Present Chemical Sector with Cab XC Series for Two Tone Printing

The Cab XC series has set a new technological benchmark, a printer specifically designed for chemical labeling by producing two tone labels. With simultaneous printing by using two inline thermal transfer printing units for, it produces two colours in one document.

The XC series has a solid metal cover made of dye-cast aluminium and are applicable for large media rolls of up to 300mm in diameter. The printing unit is additionally equipped with a ribbon saver. The electronics, operation panel and both printing mechanisms are native of the industrial renowned A+ printers.

It enables the user to print on a variety of media, delivering ‘on demand’ high quality chemical resistant labels up to 120x180mm. Accessories include stacker cutter, storage table label, external rewinder and a cutter which allows you to cut paper, pressure sensitive labels, cardboard, textiles, synthetics or heat shrink tubes.

Specifications include:

  • Large graphic display – white backlight guarantees optimal legibility.
  • Ribbon retainer – three-part tightening axles allow a fast and easy ribbon exchange.
  • Easy adjustment – print-heads are pressed down with plungers. One is mounted stationary at the inner surface, the other one is pushed to the right label margin.
  • Peripheral connection – all additional modules such as stacker and cutter are easily adjustable. Peripheral devices are attached to the printer with two adapters and affixed with one screw in a matter of seconds.
  • Stable metal housing – made of die-cast aluminium.
  • Roll holder – swing lever and integrated brake make sure that the labels are unwound with constant tension.
  • Ribbon saver for printhead 1 – process avoids smudging print when pulling back labels after the printing process. Ribbon is saved when large labels with a small printed area are required.

A specific printer driver has been designed to work with PRISYM Chemica labeling software offering chemical manufacturers and distributors a single solution to meet their packaging and labeling requirements. PRISYM Chemica is a simple to use, label design application which allows you to place the required symbols/pictograms, text, branding and codes onto your labels in compliance with chemical industry regulations. It enables the management of chemical classifications and automates the production of labels and transit cards in multiple languages.