News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Announces New Editing And Variable Data Modules Withn PRISYM Design Software

PRISYM ID Announces New Editing And Variable Data Modules Withn PRISYM Design Software

Dave Taylor, VP of Global Product, PRISYM ID says, “In today’s environment, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types and size to ensure that their operations are as efficient as possible – with as little manual intervention in back-office processes such as labeling – as well as to ensure supply chain accuracy.”

“Based upon the requests from our existing customer base, improved editing and the ability to use variable data were common themes that would significantly ease the end-to-end labeling process and ensure consistent standards,” he adds.

One of the main editing features included in the new modules is ‘Linked Text Box’, which allows text to overflow into additional text boxes selected on the label. This is primarily used to manage data within columns, but can be used to link one block to another, especially where some or all of the text is supplied by variables or to fit text block around a pre-defined, non-regular shape such as a triangle. The blocks can be moved and/or resized and will remain linked together.

The new modules also feature improved usage of variable data. ‘Dependent Variables’ is used to make a variable only appear if another is present also. For example, if a retailer or manufacturer has header and text pairs of data, the header would not be required if there was no detail in the text. Additional variable data features include data transformations which give the ability to store formatting information such as italic, underline and bold formatting within a database. In some cases it is necessary to add fixed text before or after a variable, which can now be achieved using the Prefix/Suffix functionality.

Additionally, an improved and simplified licensing tool has been implemented to allow easy transferring of software licenses from one workstation to another ensuring flexibility to changing work environments.

In alignment with all PRISYM ID products, the software has custom built drivers that support over 500 printer families, produces over 35 different types of barcode including GS1, has a built in standards compliance checker, simple ERP/MRP integration, and is available in nine language variants – English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, and Swedish.

Taylor concludes, “PRISYM ID is fully committed to placing its clients at the core of its technology development. For smaller businesses, who manage their label production process in-house, PRISYM Design’s new modules are designed to ease the end-to-end process and ensure our clients’ available resource is used to maximum effectiveness.”