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PRISYM ID releases ‘future-ready’ labeling platform enhancements


• Latest enhancements to its flagship PRISYM 360 platform include improvements to label and content design, PDF output and production printing.

• These enhancements are designed to meet the changing regulatory and production environment for clinical trials and medical device organizations.


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Wokingham, United Kingdom — 7 January 2021 - PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions for the medical device and life science industries has released a new version of its PRISYM 360 platform which further extends its functionality and performance.

PRISYM ID remains committed to investing in its flagship labeling platform, PRISYM 360, to support its customers with their complex needs in the unique and highly regulated MedTech sector.

Customers can upgrade to the latest PRISYM 360 release to leverage the range of new features, designed in close collaboration with users in order to meet the emerging challenges within pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and supply chain sectors. The new release is available to both PRISYM 360 Cloud and On-premise customers.

The latest features and enhancements include:

• Improved label design functionality, making it easier to design patient-centric labels, clinical booklets and Instructions for Use;

• New Regulatory Rules types, which allow more sophisticated label design and content rules to be created and applied;

• Print performance enhancements to optimize printing speeds within emerging print on demand and small batch production models; and

• Changes to PDF outputs which extend the range of PDF options supported in order to simplify its use with third-party print services.

Simon Jones, VP of Global Product at PRISYM ID, said: “We’re committed to ensuring our products are constantly reviewed and updated to meet customers’ needs and the changing environment they operate in.”

“This latest suite of product enhancements ensures PRISYM 360 is future-ready and able to support customers most effectively as their production and regulatory requirements continue to evolve.”

To access the full set of enhancements, existing PRISYM ID customers can upgrade to the latest product release (PRISYM 360 1.14), available from 23 December 2021.

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This article was published on January 7th, 2022