News Placeholder - PRISYM ID Releases New Print Solution for PRISYM 360 Providing Standard Processes for Common Labeling Challenges

PRISYM ID Releases New Print Solution for PRISYM 360 Providing Standard Processes for Common Labeling Challenges

PRISYM BluePrints to reduce cost and speed of deployment with pre-configured and pre-validated solutions-

PRISYM ID, a leading provider of label lifecycle management solutions for the medical device and life sciences industries, has launched a set of ‘BluePrints’ for their flagship solution PRISYM 360, to provide medical device organizations with standard printing front ends. Implementing PRISYM BluePrints will help reduce the time and cost of deployment by removing potentially expensive consulting and validation phases, and allow organizations to gain quick wins from their labeling solution.

PRISYM ID has created six BluePrints; pre-configured and pre-validated solutions for PRISYM 360 and eventually plans to create a whole library of typical labeling print solutions for organizations to quickly and easily deploy. This is part of its commitment to delivering an ongoing process improvement and innovation to the medical device industry.

PRISYM BluePrints now include solutions for:-
1. Sales Order/Goods Out Process
2. Purchase Order/Goods In Process
3. Product Printing Process: for small numbers of easily identifiable products
4. Approved Label Printing Process: for small numbers of labels across many products
5. Batch Manufacturing Process
6. Works Order Based Process

Warren Ward-Stacey, SVP of Global Sales at PRISYM ID comments: “Our experience in producing labeling software and our longevity in the medical device industry give us unique insight into typical labeling challenges and the best ways of solving these. PRISYM BluePrints enable our clients to take advantage of our accumulated knowledge by equipping them with pre-built configuration that can sit within PRISYM 360.”

For many organizations, the process of consulting, configuring and validating a labeling solution to their specific needs can be an arduous task. “PRISYM BluePrints cut out the configuration process thereby allowing quick and easy deployment for any customer,” Ward-Stacey continues. “Because the processes are defined and documented up front, organizations have the assurance that they are fully validated and therefore risk free.”

PRISYM BluePrints give organizations the opportunity to implement a labeling solution at a relatively low cost and time output. “Each PRISYM BluePrint sets out the whole process from order to printing. However, they are also designed to have an element of flexibility, predominantly around the way data is presented, meaning customers are still able to work in their unique preferred way.”

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