Our aim is to make the implementation of our solutions simple. To deliver on this promise, we have designed our software to be technology agnostic so that our solutions can be easily integrated with existing systems.

Data relating to labels is an inherent part of the product master record. The ability to share data between the labeling platform and your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application ensures that both systems represent the most accurate data set.

PRISYM 360 provides the ability to easily integrate PLM systems to retrieve the most up-to-date label data at the point it is required for print. Bi-directional and real-time integration means that product label information can easily be passed back to the PLM environment, for example, to add a facsimile of a production label associated with a particular product line to the master data record, enhancing the accuracy and completeness of PLM data.

PRISYM 360 offers a wide range of configurable system interface options - including web services, and database and desktop integration – simplifying data integration and improving automation.

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Introducing PRISYM 360 - The Only Labeling Solution Dedicated to Life Sciences.

Across the Life Sciences industry worldwide, the way in which organizations approach the design, creation and printing of labels...

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