PRISYM SaaS enables organizations to address the challenges of complying with FDA and other regulations by delivering access to a compliance ready platform in the Cloud.

With PRISYM 360 technology at its core, PRISYM SaaS provides secure and controlled label design, data management and production printing. Delivered via a subscription model, PRISYM SaaS is particularly suited to SME medical device manufacturers and other life sciences organizations looking to achieve rapid compliance and end-to-end label lifecycle management.

All PRISYM SaaS customer environments are formally qualified using a pre-approved IQ. The underlying infrastructure and installed software are formally tested in the Cloud environment.

This means a minimum amount of customer specific validation is required to achieve full compliance. By removing most of the validation burden from the customer, PRISYM SaaS allows for rapid and cost- effective deployment in compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Being compliance ready saves you significant cost and time in achieving validation. When this is coupled with access to the life science oriented capabilities, PRISYM SaaS provides a unique way of meeting your labeling needs.

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Software-as-a-Service model enables SME medical device manufacturers to achieve rapid compliance and end-to-end label lifecycle management.

PRISYM ID today announces the general availability of PRISYM SaaS...

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