A Best Practice Guide to Clinical Trials Labeling

A Best Practice Guide to Clinical Trials Labeling

Now available for download. In this 60-minute, information-packed session, PRISYM ID explores the challenges involved in clinical trial local language labeling and country specific design.

Clinical trials are a global activity with clinical trial materials being shipped across many countries and many continents. For the sake of patient safety, the ability to control these materials’ labels at a global level is paramount. Labeling, booklets and single page leaflets must therefore be safely and accurately customized not only so that they are in the appropriate local languages, but also so they reflect country specific nuances; such as country specific designs and regulatory requirements.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain an insight into the challenges of global clinical trials labeling
  • Understand how a label lifecycle management system can remove the complexities of local languages
  • Learn how to effectively manage source data for labels, booklets and single page leaflets
  • Discover best practice for managing country specific labeling

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