A Revolution in Label Lifecycle Management – Taking a 360° View

A Revolution in Label Lifecycle Management - Taking a 360° View

Experts from PRISYM ID explore the six key areas to revolutionize your labeling process.

It’s time to look at labeling in a different way. With a high percentage of product recalls of medical devices caused by labeling and packaging defects, it’s easy to see why companies focus so much attention on the label as part of the production process. However a broader view is required. In the battle to deliver safe, accurate and compliant product information, it’s not about the label – it’s about the data.

The costly mislabeling of medical devices is avoidable. By taking a 360 degree outlook of your organization’s data assets, managing them correctly and optimizing them, you can transform your production and labeling process. It’s time to shift the focus.

Benefits of Viewing:

  • Learn how to rapidly deploy a validated, compliant global labeling solution in 3–6 months
  • Hear how to deliver local language labeling and country specific requirements on a global scale
  • Understand what it means to be UDI ready and why it’s important to be prepared
  • Prepare for the future by looking at the need for capabilities such as E-labeling
  • Realize how to implement on demand printing with zero defects to market
  • Overcome the challenges of centrally controlling and capture all production label prints across manufacturing lines, distribution centers and third party manufacturers