Boston Scientific Share Advice on Streamlining End-to-end Label Lifecycle Management

Boston Scientific Share Advice on Streamlining End-to-end Label Lifecycle Management

In this 60-minute, information-packed session, Boston Scientific and PRISYM ID explores the key areas to revolutionizing your labeling process

There are many reasons that keep the medical device industry awake at night – however labeling as part of the supply chain can be a key concern. Product recalls caused by labeling defects, UDI compliance, label rework, just in time printing, local language requirements and automated label inspection are just a few of the problems faced on a daily basis.

William Cooley, Supply Chain Executive of global medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific, presents a case study and offers key advice on how to develop a streamlined, seamless approach to labeling globally, making it a little easier to sleep at night.

Boston Scientific has reduced its label lifecycle management from no less than 20 separate labeling systems across 19 plants and over 150 production lines into a single global platform across their plant network whilst providing centrally managed and secure controls over label formats and data. As part of the global investment and rollout, it has completed full validation checks and its processes are FDA compliant. The streamlined approach has increased operational efficiency and standardized all packaging and labeling systems on a single platform.

Benefits of Viewing:

  • Discover how a Label Lifecycle Management platform can mitigate the costly risk of product recalls
  • Recognize how to effectively manage local language requirements on a global scale
  • Realize how using the right labeling solution can leverage existing enterprise systems and IT
  • Understand how to lower the cost of computer system validation while ensuring FDA compliance

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