Label Production Under the Microscope

Label Production Under the Microscope

Experts from PRISYM ID Identify the Key Areas to Successful Label Management, Production and Verification

Labeling is an integral component within the medical device production process; ensuring products are correctly identified and branded in accordance with the FDA’s stringent regulations. Currently, label integrity involves a two-stage process, with the design and print process often being managed separately from the inspection process, either on an ad-hoc basis and/or off-site from the core print production. This two-stage process can be prone to human error and cause unnecessary delays in the print process as errors that are identified need to be manually identified and corrected.

This webinar looks at case study examples of how manufacturers can have complete label integrity from design and print through to label inspection and finally secure audit logging. It will examine what errors can occur during the process and how they can be quickly pinpointed and effectively rectified.

Benefits of attending:

  • Discover why your medical device label production may not be meeting FDA compliance requirements
  • Understand why high accuracy in-line print verification systems are becoming an essential part of the production line
  • Learn how software can improve your business when designing, producing and managing consistent labels
  • Case Study: How vision have been used as part of the production line at a leading medical device organization

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