Vision Inspection – Managing Label Defect Control

Vision Inspection – Managing Label Defect Control

In this 50 minute webinar Steve Ellison and Conor O'Kelly present a best practice guide to achieving zero-defect labeling.

With the introduction of UDI, the need for medical device manufacturers to examine systems, processes and operations is intensifying. Product recalls in the medical device industry are increasing – impacting operational efficiencies and profitability. Labeling error is a common cause of recall, but it can be easily avoided. With manual inspection becoming increasingly expensive, inefficient and unsustainable a new way forward is needed. The introduction of automated vision systems means there are more effective, efficient and secure ways of ensuring zero-defect labeling.

By integrating automated vision inspection with label lifecycle management software manufacturers can manage and document labels through design, approval, print and inspection. This end-to-end approach gives greater visibility and control of the entire process, as well as supporting FDA compliance.

Benefits of Viewing:

  • Understand why print verification systems are becoming an essential part of the production line
  • Discover why your medical device label production may not be meeting FDA compliance requirements
  • Learn how vision systems can integrate with the label lifecycle process to reduce labeling errors
  • Achieve an insight into best practice for managing defect control

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