Is COVID-19 Revolutionizing the Clinical Trials Supply Chain?

White Paper:
Is COVID-19 Revolutionizing the Clinical Trials Supply Chain?

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented levels of disruption to the global clinical trials supply chain, with many studies paused or postponed, and others run at incredible speed in the race to develop a vaccine.

Patient recruitment and management have also presented major challenges to industry during the pandemic; and they have underlined the need for companies to take an increasingly patient centric approach.

Although vaccines bring hope to manage Covid-19, no-one knows exactly how long it will take to bring the virus under control and pharma companies need to continue to push ahead with studies in the meantime.

In this white paper, we will explain how Covid-19 has been impacting on the clinical trials industry from a clinical labeling management perspective. We will also explore how companies can overcome some of the barriers to setting up and running clinical trials and streamline their operations to enable packs to be dispatched faster, while ensuring regulatory compliance.